If you don’t already have a Mac Mini, but would like to take advantage of this ideal dedicated hosting platform we have a solution for you. We’ll buy a brand new Mac Mini and provision it just for you. We only use the newest generation of Mac Mini to provide the highest possible reliability and lowest environment impact. All of our dedicated Mac Mini packages include the following: Remote Reboots, 100Mbit/sec Ethernet port | 200GB of monthly data transfer, 1 Static IP address, Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or Server, 4GB DDR3 Memory (8GB Available) 1TB Hard Drives can also be fitted. We can also provide intelligent PDU ports allowing you to reboot your Mac Mini in the unlikely event of a system freeze.


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We also offer bespoke solutions to match your business criteria. Why not call us today and speak with one of our server specialists. 01273 921 939 or by emailing info@gekkoit.co.uk